January 8, 2017

Happy New Year everyone. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season.

I finished the edits on book 3, On the Streets for Victor. I have been working this weekend to get the final touches complete. I hope to have it available on all the stores soon.

I have also been working on the next series, Blayze Parrish. I want this one to be more of a thriller than the others. I am hoping to add some supernatural elements to it. I have written all the scenes, I just want to add the supernatural now. So far it is going well. I can’t wait to see what everyone thinks.

On a personal note, I am sure you might not know but I have Type II Diabetes. I found out in 2010, but for some reason I never took it seriously. It was like a Doctor told me I had a cold and I would just have it for the rest of my life. I did just like high school and did just enough to get by. If my glucose was below 300 I was okay with that. (if you don’t know 300 is very high) When I learned I had it my number was 581. Any number over 180 during the day on a constance basis is just bad. Well I had gotten to a point where I could not get below 200 and a 400 would be normal. My new wife was not happy because it can cause bad things. So with her help I have decided to take my living more seriously. With the help of my Doctor, we added an OmniPod insulin pump. That has made a large difference. I also added walking. In August of 2016 I was at my largest. 327 lbs. As of this morning I am down to 305, which I don’t think is so bad considering I only started walking in late November. Because of the amount I weighed I could only walk for no more than 20 minutes which might get me a half mile.

This morning I got almost 2 miles in and walked for just over 42 minutes. I wanted to get to 2 miles but the temperature outside was 15 degrees so I gave up when my lips went numb.

I hope to keep it up, but it has become a good habit so I think I will be alright.


Thanks for checking in, talk to you all soon.



December 17, 2016

Looking to make some changes for 2017, finally at a place where I can spend more time working on my books.

Here are some things I have been working on:

  1. Changing the web site.
  2. Finish editing and proof reading books three and four in the ‘On the Streets for…’ series.
  3. I have finished the first draft of another series I want to work on. The title so far is Blayze Parrish.  More on that later.
  4. I have already published book 2 at all the online stores. I hope to make a jump into advertising to help get the word out.
  5. Book 1 (On the Streets for Alison), is available for free on most of the stores. If you see it for a price let me know and I will work on it.
  6. This is a big one. I want to update more. I have been staying off social media but I want to make a change there.

Soon there will be more as I am working everyday now and hope to stay at it for good.

Thanks for your patience and support.



December 11, 2016

I have been working on the edits of book 2, ‘On the Streets for Coleman’. I have finished it and am going to get it on line today. I am going to attempt to recruit some beta readers. If you are interested please send me an email to If you agree I only asked that if you find anything wrong please let me know. And if you would like to write a review I will try and add them to the book and possibly to the back over of the print copy.

Since the last posting below a lot has changed personally which is the reason for the large time frame in between post. I hope to have everything under control now and will work harder to post more often. I have still been writing and have about 5 books that have first drafts. I will be working hard to get these completed and published.


March 14, 2016


I finished the week feeling pretty good about it. I was able to complete the first draft of the fourth in my series, ‘On the Streets for Mckaylah’. I finished it on Wednesday and then jumped right into the fifth book. Right now I am using the name Tamera. I was able to start it on Wednesday also. The week recored a total of 3964 words. Not as much as I would have liked but probably about average, and considering I started a new book that might mean something. Over the weekend I watch the show Bosch on Amazon. To my delight it was better than the first season. Or maybe I just appreciate it more this year. I will create a blog post about it later. Hope you all have a great week and if you haven’t seen Bosch and you like Mystery’s please give it a try.



March 6, 2016


Its Sunday morning and the first week of March has almost come to an end. For me it was a pretty productive writing week. I know it might not seem like a ton of work but I put in 4088 words on the fourth installment of my ‘On the Streets for…” series. I usually try to write between 500 and 600 words a day, so this is just about on track. Right now it is called ‘On the Streets for Mckaylah’. I am sure I will keep the name.

It started out with the name of Maxwell but the book took an unexpected turn and I felt the title needed to change because of it. The first draft will most likely be complete in the next day or so. The picture above is my desk at home. I spend a lot of time here since I also work from home most days. I have only been able to dedicate my early mornings to writing and then only about an hour or so. The good news is that since I finished the first book, (Alison), I have competed the first draft of three other books. When I finish this one it will make four. Three from the ‘On the Streets for’ series and then another from a series I started.

The first draft of that one is called Blayze Parrish, which is also the main characters name. I put it away so I could come back to it with fresh eyes. While it has been sitting I thought I would try and add a different turn to it. I will update more about that once I have started working on it again, which will probably be later this week. I am excited about the change and will want to get it done soon.