Amazon’s Bosch


I thought I would add my two-cents to the list of reviews for the show ‘Bosch’.

Last year right after we purchased our Amazon Prime membership I was glad to see that they had thrown their hats into the streaming ring. Although they do not have a large selection, (compared to Netflix), the choices are different. When I saw the show Bosch I was surprised and later it turned out delighted. It was a well made show based on a book series I loved. I watched the first season and when it was over I was happy to see that the show did the book justice.

I love the fact that the season is equal to one of the books. The season stands alone and is not dependent on the next. I love the little characters like the City of Los Angeles, like the jazz music and his love for his family.

I have been a fan of the Bosch series for a long time now. The series is one of many that gave me an interest in writing. Along with a few others, which I will save for another post.  I have never been a fan of how politics can sometimes control a job you are doing. All the favors for one reason or another just makes me want to pick someone like that up by the scruff of their necks and toss them out, with less respect than you would give a drunk that is causing a scene at a bar.

The pace of the show at times is just a tad slow but nothing that would make me turn it off. Just the opposite, it makes you wish they would hurry and get to the next scene. Over all it is one of the best shows I have seen that is closely based on a book. The only other problem I have now, is that I have to wait until next year for it to come back on again.

Watch it using the link below, I highly recommended it.

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